Xmas Ep

This is an Ep with five Original Christmas songs. Unlike the "Hatz of Mar" Lp, I had no A.I. participation on this. But I could had probably used it--especially on the songs that I wrote for a female to sing. Since the stalkers have stolen my computer and thumb drives, and now have all those songs, which I was never going to release unless I reached a sales goal, I am going to reproduce all those songs the way I meant them to be produced and arranged, which in most cases is as good as the A.I., and in some, better. I hope to get T.I. singers, and musicians to help me with this though at this point, I can do it myself.

If you want the Albums email or register and say so. I'm still not going to release full songs unless I reach that goal. The government stalkers will probably spread them around but if I hear a full version I might be able to get a hearing in the International court or something. They take copyright laws seriously all over the world.

You can sample the Ep below.



This article was updated on April 26, 2024

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