Here I will be documented my life as a hated target by the satanic empire. The offenses and injustices under the color of law is astronomical, but when I think about what this world does to millions of children a year, I can't cry about it. Innocense is what they hate most. I'm innocent--probably have a crimnal record cleaner than every cop in this country despite being arrested and handcuffed over a dozen times. But nothing is more innocent than an unwombed, or 1 2 3 4 or 5 year old child. They are violated horribly to death, and the whole system participates, enables, or gatekeeps to keep it going. This is a wicked, wicked, evil land, from top to middle to bottom and everything and everybody and every job you think is there to protect and help the innocent and most vulnerable, is the reason a reported 400,000 children a year can go missing in a land where they watch and monitor everything like hawks. They can catch no serial killers but they can hound people like me for our whole lives for no reason but we are not what they are.

I will be posting documents and videos here. I want to make it clear that what is going on in this world--at least this counrty, is a homosexual. pedophile, transgender, war, against natural people. They are in a fullscale war with nature and "God" and if you are not with them, you are against them, and a enemy to be crushed if you don't shut up and go along to get along--especially if there is some small inkling of a chance that you might have a talent to draw attention.

I keep going only because I believe the higher powers got me. They can crush and keep silencing me, but the fact that I'm still here might mean that one day the tide is going to turn. The thing is; I never did anything to these clowns, I was always a tolerant person who believed grown people can do what they want. But as soon as they got acceptance to be perverts, they went to war, and straight for the children. And just like all clowns who believe they are special and chosen, it is not enough for you to live and let live--you have to worship them and every thing they imagine to do, or you are an enemy to be anialated. I say all that to warn yall i use the word "fag" a lot but not just pertaining to males. All gangstalkers are fags to me.

This article was updated on April 28, 2024

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