This page showcases my Artwork. I used A.I. to give me different versions, but all the works are generated from paintings that I created. Like my music and books, 5 of my original paintings were taken from me by the stalkers. It happened in Chattanooga Tennessee. I was homeless sleeping on the outskirts of a Walmart parking lot. I painted six scenes on canvass. A little Latino boy, with his mother's permission bought one. The next day while I was in a nearby Library, the paintings along with the container I kept them under were gone. You could look at the container and see it was sitting there since that Walmart was built.

Book four

New GenesisII Damian stood on the bow of the Liberty, his neck was bent back, his eyes lifted upward towards the sky. For…

Book three

Book Three(excerpt) New Genesis I "Boy, you betta git out that 'fridgerator!" Damian almost dropped the carton of juice he was chugging at…

Book two

House of Cush (excerpt) “But who hath died, and made thee God, Marduk?” The imperious young Astronaut seemed neither startled by the implications…

Book one


Book one(excerpt)

Nimrod:Lost son of Sumeria

"Our father has sent me here to once again to ask you to come home brother. Sumeria needs you. It is not honorable for you to continue here among the vermin, drinking and marrying, while the heavy burden of Sumeria's very survival rest almost solely on the supreme One's over burdened shoulders."

Nimrod looked at his younger brother with an odd mixture of delight, surprise and a tinge of disapproval. It has been over twenty seasons since he'd last seen his redheaded sibling.

HatzOfMar Lp


This album is a showcase of the different genres and styles I write in. I write Rap Albums, R&b, Country, Pop, Humor, and other. This is an album of singles, not a conceptive cohesive project. Although I write Albums, not singles, I'll leave it up to yall to decide wether I continue to do like this which is quicker, or do traditional Albums wit jus one genre on them.

Xmas Ep

This is an Ep with five Original Christmas songs. Unlike the "Hatz of Mar" Lp, I had no A.I. participation on this. But I could had probably used it--especially on the songs that I wrote for a female to sing. Since the stalkers have stolen my computer and thumb drives, and now have all those songs, which I was never going to release unless I reached a sales goal, I am going to reproduce all those songs the way I meant them to be produced and arranged, which in most cases is as good as the A.I., and in some, better. I hope to get T.I. singers, and musicians to help me with this though at this point, I can do it myself.



I have written four fulllenth fictional Novels. Three of the novels have been out for a while, but they have been heavily revised and enhanced. For the same reason that I don't intend to release the full songs of my Albums until I reach a sales goal, I won't release the books until I reach a preorder sales goal. The manuscript for my fourth book was taken from me by the Feds, in 2008. By "Feds" I mean the whole military, industrial, police, homosexual, pedophile, satanic, complex. I've lived/living what I'm talking about. When they put you on that slow kill list, or write you out their book of life, they take all the masks off. They are wide open and you find out what this place really is from top to bottom.

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