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This album is a showcase of the different genres and styles I write in. I write Rap Albums, R&b, Country, Pop, Humor, and other. This is an album of singles, not a conceptive cohesive project. Although I write Albums, not singles, I'll leave it up to yall to decide wether I continue to do like this which is quicker, or do traditional Albums wit jus one genre on them.

This Album has 21 songs on it. It was A.I. assisted--not generated. Every single lette was written by me and I took what was done by A.I. to the studio and worked,-- arranging, adding harmonies, mixing etc.

The vocals are A.I., believe it or not, but I know there are T.I.s who could do vocals. Backing tracks are by A.I. but T.I. musicians could have done it as well if not better.

A.I. has taught me a lot about how to arrange and produce a song even though  I was a decent, play by ear, producer before(check the Xmas Ep).

Some of the songs are close to what I would have done. Most are not... so even though cointelpro got my stuff again, I have plenty of room to do a Taylor Swift and do the songs over completely different. I hope to get T.I., help-- not A.I., if I decide to do a remix. Anyway, these 21 songs are just a fraction of what I already have, if I never write another song. I can also write to an Artist style and vision so T.I. Artists out there, the sky is the limit here. I'm using videos instead of wav or mp3, but all formats will be packaged for download for people who buy.

sample the songs below



This article was updated on April 29, 2024

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