Book three

Book Three(excerpt)

New Genesis I

"Boy, you betta git out that 'fridgerator!"

Damian almost dropped the carton of juice he was chugging at the sudden slap of his mom's voice. He gulped down what had already entered his throat, and set the drink back in the box. He turned sheepishly towards his mom, because he knew when he went in that fridge and turned up that carton, he was breaking a couple of rules.

Instead of the frown he expected to see on her face, though, she was looking at him as if he was some big ass, diamond engagement ring.

"Sorry ma."

He gave her a wary eye as he wiped his mouth and grabbed the b-ball. Can't play outdoors anymore but they let you use the gym in the school these days. He cut a bigger swath around her than he normally would have.


Her tripping just got weirder. He knew he was adopted, but damned, mom was sounding like his girl called him, when they were alone and she wanted to do something nasty.

He stopped, his face and tone clearly transmitting his irritation.

"What ma?"

Don't no bruh want to see his Mom acting like a chicken head 'round him.

"Guess Whaa--ott?"

"Ma, I'll see you later. I gotta ghost." He shook his head and started for the door again.

"Boy, you betta bring your narrow behind back here!"

A big grin of relief broke out all over his face, which he hid as he turned back towards her.

Now, that's the ma, I'm talkin' 'bout, the ma, I know and love, the ma--his gleeful thoughts were interrupted when she suddenly grabbed him and pulled him into that embrace he thought he had seen the last of when he and ma had it out over that huggykissy stuff when he was thirteen years old. He didn't mind a kiss on the cheek or a quick hug, but he wasn't at the age of 17--damned near 18, going to have his ma burying his head all up in her bosom and everything .Uh uhhhh!

"Let me go, ma!"

He squirmed his way loose and looked at her with the injured eyes of a kicked puppy. When he looked in her face, he immediately felt like he'd just done the worse thing he'd ever done in his life.

"What's wrong, mama? She was wetting up her cheeks.

"Damian, I'm so proud of you."

He stared at her, inquisitively.

"You have always been such a joy in my life. When my Sister died giving birth to you, nobody in the family thought I should take you because my sister and I were twins and were so close. Even I had momentary doubts. But she left you to me, Damian. She knew that she had no business getting pregnant. Neither one of us could safely carry a child to term. By her second semester, everybody knew she wasn't going to make it. She insisted that I be your guardian after your father because everybody could see he wasn't going to make it either. Lord only knows why that child let that man badger her into risking her life because he wanted children. But I guess they both loved each other the same because after she died your father killed himself."

"I know all this stuff, ma."
What you telling me again for?

"You got a letter from Harvard today."

Her voice was so full of pride and joy, he felt embarrassed--
for her.

So that's what all this is about. That rich man, honky school done tapped him as one of the few, the proud, the uppity, and mom thinks he's been anointed by god for something. He knew they were going to let him in. They and every other big time school in the Country have been hounding him since he was in the 9th grade.

"For real?" He tried to sound excited for her sake.

"Yeeeeesss!" and she was reaching for him again. This time, he allowed himself to be dunked, he even hugged her back because suddenly it occurred to him his days at home with her were about over. He had no intention of spending the remaining ones doing anything other than showing his mom how much he appreciated her for all she's done for him.

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