I have written four fulllenth fictional Novels. Three of the novels have been out for a while, but they have been heavily revised and enhanced. For the same reason that I don't intend to release the full songs of my Albums until I reach a sales goal, I won't release the books until I reach a preorder sales goal. The manuscript for my fourth book was taken from me by the Feds, in 2008. By "Feds" I mean the whole military, industrial, police, homosexual, pedophile, satanic, complex. I've lived/living what I'm talking about. When they put you on that slow kill list, or write you out their book of life, they take all the masks off. They are wide open and you find out what this place really is from top to bottom.

I had to redo the fourth book while being hounded and obstructed every day but I got it done. It is by far my best book. If not for this cointelpro program I'm in, I could have easily have written over ten more books by now. 

Three days ago, my music and books, along with my laptop was taken in pretty much the same way it happened 17 years ago.
I've talked about it back then a little bit but not much because it's science fiction what they can do. Consider this: today thay can make a bunch of numbers and words sing like Aretha Franklin.
They watch and they monitor you--not just on earth but in the spiritual realm and every single time; at the exact moment you are ready to move forward they block you again. They monitor you so close it's like they have a crystal ball to see and know every move you are going to make. They plotted about a month ahead of time to take that computer. That guy with the ski mask covering his face was stalking me all over the McDonald's they let me sit in. The first time I seen him getting on the bus I rode everyday was when I forgot the thing that carried all my work I've been working so hard on.
I even had my thumb drives in that bag though normally I didn't carry those with me. Believe me, they watched me put those in that bag from inside the tent I live in. They could have taken that satchel at any time but they waited until they got everything.They knew I was going to forget that satchel on that bus. Afterwards I couldn't even remember how and where I got off the bus--like time warped or something. Just like 17 years ago.

Realistically, I know that just getting a chance to be all can be as an Artist is as attainable as me ever getting justice for all the false arrests, brutality, robbery, threats, homosexual humiliation, oppresion and crimes against rights gauranteed to citizens by the highest law of the land.

My first and worst book, was getting ratings from people on par with classics, on a site called "Goodreads."

That same book was being sold on Ebay, until they changed their digital sales policy the very next day after I found out the book was being sold. Another example of how they monitor you and the lengths they will go to if they think it's the smallest chance you might get a nickle from an independent means.

The Military, the Alphabets, the police and the entire satanic empire have been wilding and running ops on me for 17 years because of those books. They thought the books were good and had potential which is why they took the fourth manuscript.

You can read excerpts of the books from links below.

Book one

Book two

Book three

Book four

This article was updated on April 27, 2024

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