T.I. Life

To document my life as a T.I., I'm going to start with the latest events and work my way back 17 years.

This video is of something that has been stalking me since I've been to Hopuston all over town, but mainly in the Mcdonald's where they aloow me to sit. As I said in other videos, I can't stay in Libraries or anywhere else. I've been arrested for standing at a public depot in tennessee and by the university police for sitting at on a ledge in a public parking lot in broad light in Birmingham Alabama. Anybody's who been to that place knows there is nowhere you can walk, or stand for a minute that is not UAB property. They decide where I can stay. One time, on the other side of town, I was at a dollar looking for some reading glasses when I look up and this zombie was standing right behind me. In a completely different part of town this old thing had a hoodie on and was following me down the sidewalk. It crossed the road when I turned around and saw it.

It's in this Mcdonald's, along with some other clowns it works with trying to manage where I sit. I'll post videos and more about that on another post.

Y'all this thing smells like death. And the reason I know I'm around gangstalkers when I'm in this Mcdonald's is nobody even flinches, just like when they fire them modified mufflers at me and make those big booms. Nobody even looks around. 

One day this thing was smelling so strong, I was choking and ready to leave before the smell died down. I don't know whether it was purposeful, or not, but since then I have been sensitized to what these zombies smell like. They come in the mcdonalds, they get on a bus, when they are around my tent, I can smell them. I would say about one in every 20 people is one of these things. 

Today is April 28. It's about 2:0clock. This thing been in this Mcdonald's all day. At first it was sitting about 5 tables behind me where it usually sits. I went to the bathroom and came back at it's sitting right behind me looking at me. What I do with these cxlowns is record them--not in a way they can complain, but in a way that they know, just like they do me. Every time I record this zombie it's pretending to be sleep. But if I record it long enough, like I have, you would see it ever once in a while peeking. I want to point out that what T.I.s have aound tjhem are actors. They are great at prentending that they are

not doing what they are. That's what holds this whole criminal enterprse up: plausible deniability and a hivemind always ready to swarm in on any discussion about what goes on and call people paranoid or crazy. They can't produce one word on paper where you had ever in your life committed a crime or did anything in any measure that would brand you as unstable. You are crazy because the very people who hound and slander and attack you everyday say you are. That old Zomble been pretending to be asleep for two hours. He wassn't asleep when he moved behind me and I? came out of the bathroom. If y'all notice the Mcdonalds is empty. This guy haven't bought anything. Three days ago, they made a black guy leave for laying his head down for 5 minutes

Anyway here's the video:


This article was updated on April 28, 2024

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