This page showcases my Artwork. I used A.I. to give me different versions, but all the works are generated from paintings that I created. Like my music and books, 5 of my original paintings were taken from me by the stalkers. It happened in Chattanooga Tennessee. I was homeless sleeping on the outskirts of a Walmart parking lot. I painted six scenes on canvass. A little Latino boy, with his mother's permission bought one. The next day while I was in a nearby Library, the paintings along with the container I kept them under were gone. You could look at the container and see it was sitting there since that Walmart was built.

Even before that I had posted pictures of the artwork on a site called Etsy. The day before the paintings were stolen, I got a message saying "I already got one."

For some reason they are obsessed with taking from their victims even when they have nothing. When I was attacked by police and arrested in Memphis, even though I only spent one day in jail, they refused to give me back any of my possessions. It was nothing but junk--a cellphone, walking stick, old rusty bicycle...They kept all that.

In Alabama, the university police came to the jail and took my laptop after I was arrested on a fake trespassing charge.

\ In Toledo Ohio, the police had my bicycle stolen even though it was junk. In Houston Texas, my bicycle was taken. I think the reason why they don't want you to have a means to get around is because it would be harder to lay traps and attack you when you can get around without them knowing your course from the minute you start out, like walking or riding a bus.

Like I said in that song "Willydo" they want to micro-manage every second of your life until you die.

You can see the art here

This article was updated on April 28, 2024

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